Commercial landscaping comes in many forms including multi-story apartment landscaping, civil landscaping, industrial landscaping, parks and garden landscaping, educational facility landscaping, accommodation landscaping, retail landscaping and remote area landscaping. Here at Bobtail Landscaping we are proud to say we have experience in all of these environments installing both hardscapes and softscapes.

Each of the above commercial landscape construction sites presents a different and varied set of challenges such as:

  • Limited on site storage;
    Restricted working space;
    Specialist safety requirements;
    On site security needs;
    Sourcing reliable, high quality labour;
    Requirements for specialist trades or labour skillsets;
    Potential extreme weather events;
    Timely access to materials;
    Limited availability of local materials;
    Management of traffic;
    Management of the general public;
    And more.

On each project our management team and site staff work very hard to ensure these issues, and any others that may surface, are handled with skill and care to enable the project to run smoothly and without incident. We know that our role on every site is two-fold. Firstly we must ensure that documented works are completed as specified. Secondly we must also ensure our head contractor feels comfortable at all times with the quality of our work, our safe work practices on site, and our adherence to the project schedule.

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We continually make lasting relationships with the project managers, contracts administrators and site supervisors that we work alongside, and we love to surpass their expectations on each and every project. We have 10 years experience designing and installing innovative landscapes across Western Australia and the quality of our service and project management has enabled Bobtail Landscaping to become a leader in the WA commercial landscaping sector.


So why landscaping..? Well we simply love being able to build beautiful outdoor spaces that impact positively upon the families and communities that use them. But also we love knowing we are running our business efficiently and profitably and therefore providing ongoing careers to the many great people that work with us. We also feel fortunate that we continually get the opportunity to work with brilliant people from other companies working in the commercial construction and landscaping fields.Together we build amazing places of rest, of interaction, of connection, and of play. Together we are all helping to make Perth and Western Australia a beautiful place to be.

Our professional services include:

  • Commercial landscape design
    Weed removal and management
    Excavation and site preparation
    Bitumen and concrete kerbing
    Bollards, tactiles and wheel stops
    Brickwork, blockwork and render
    Limestone blocks and retaining walls
    Irrigation design & installation
    Paving, bullnose capping and natural stone
    Fencing and gates
    Concrete and exposed aggregate
  • Street furniture supply and install
    Feature stone cladding
    Timber decks, screens and benches
    Fencing and garden edging
    Green walls and vertical gardens
    Tree lopping and stump grinding
    Soil and mulch supply
    Shrubs and advanced trees
    Turf laying
    Scheduled site maintenance

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