Are Native Plants The Right Choice For Your Perth Home?

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Are Native Plants The Right Choice For Your Perth Home?

It’s easy to get excited by pretty plants without knowing much about them. Then once you get them home you wonder why are they not doing so well? Why do they need so much water? Why aren’t they attracting any birds or butterflies? It could be because they’re not from around here, are they native plants?

Plan your landscape using native and endemic plants — plants that are originally from your part of the WA — and they’ll feel right at home.
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You’ll notice the difference too. Birds, butterflies and native bees will start flitting around your yard.You won’t need to water as much. You might not even need to do as much maintenance.Let’s take a look at why you should plant native. Then we’ll offer some great suggestions for plants you’ll love that will love you and your garden.

What Are The Benefits Of Native Plants?

Native Plants Provide Food For Wildlife

Natural habitat is disappearing at a scary rate, putting wild creatures at risk. Did you know the beautiful blue wren, famous site in WA’s southwest, used to present in Perth? By planting native plants, you help provide food and protective cover for wildlife. Choose the right native plants and you’ve created a wildlife garden that offers seeds, nuts and fruits for birds and small mammals, nectar for native bees and butterflies, and places of refuge for critters great and small.

Natives Keep Invasive Plants Out

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Use only native plants in your landscape and you limit the chances that potentially invasive, exotic plant species will sneak into the environment around your home. The spread of invasive, exotic plants poses a threat to native plants and animals worldwide. You can do your part in your own corner of the world.

Native Plants Are Low Maintenance

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Unlike many non-native plants, native plants are hardy and less susceptible to pests and diseases. They grow well and require little care. By choosing the right native plants, you’ll likely need fewer pesticides and less water.

How Can You Incorporate Natives Into Your Landscape?

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Reduce the lawn footprint in your Western Australian landscape by planting native species in groupings.Include vertical layers in the plantings, from the ground up. Include groundcovers, grasses, shrubs and trees. Wildlife loves layers and variety. If you have the space, plant in wide groups as it provides better shelter and breeding habitat for native bird species.

So Which Plants Are Native To Perth?

Blog Conostylis Candicans
We’re actually blessed with an abundance of incredible native plants that can beautify your landscape. Here are just a few great plants to try at your home:
Small Trees – Eucalyptus Erythrocorys, Eucalyptus Forrestiana, Banksia Menziesii ‘Perth Banksia’,
Shrub – Beaufortia Squarrosa, Verticordia Nitens, Grevillea Olivacea ‘Apricto Glow’
Coastal Shrub – Leucophyta Brownii ‘Cushion Bush’, Boronia Crenulata ‘Pink Passion’
Native Grass – Dianella Revoluta, Kangaroo Paws, Conostylis Candicans
Groundcover – Acacia Lasiocarpa flat, Hemiandra Pungens, Adenanthos Cuneatus

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