Fantastic Perth Community Effort – Helping Out A Local Family!

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Fantastic Perth Community Effort – Helping Out A Local Family!

I’m not sure about you, but personally I sometimes get so involved in my own life, my family, my business, that I forget to look up, to check on the world around me, to see just what’s happening and how other people are faring. It seems the universe was helping me to broaden my view recently with this awesome pool project.

A few weeks ago we were asked out of the blue if we could do some landscaping work for free to help out a family, and especially a little boy called Kaden, who had been having a tough time over the last two years. And after reading all about Kaden’s journey on his blog written by his Mum, Finn (, we jumped at the opportunity.

The McDevitt’s (Lee, Finn, Kaden and Liam) are exactly the sort of family I would want living next door to me. Genuine, warm, friendly and appreciative of all they have. Yet for reasons we will never know Kaden got sick. He was diagnosed with cancer and had to undergo chemo, a liver transplant, a lung operation and much more. Almost two years on they are not totally out of the woods, but Kaden is up and about, back at school, enjoying his life and generally being a normal little boy. Kaden and his family are really great people and they deserved some good news. So despite their undying love for the Hawthorn football club 😉 we were very happy to help in any way we could.

Charity Landscaping & Pool

A big thank you has to go to Mike and Niamh from Tropical Pools ( who after a visit to the McDevitt’s home to do a quote one day, and hearing the reason why Finn and Lee wanted a pool, decided off their own back to supply and install the pool, additional paving, water feature, pool heating and in fact the entire backyard landscaping for free.

You see swimming is something Kaden loves, but more importantly it is also a really crucial part of his recovery. However due to his chemo and ongoing treatment, he can’t swim in a public pool for fear of infection. So a backyard pool was on Finn and Lee’s wishlist to help their little boy get back to his full strength as soon as possible. As you can see Mike and Niamh are great people too, thanks to them this family is recuperating with less stress, more fun, and they’re one big step closer to full health and total recovery.

Channel 7’s Today Tonight program also came on board to record the backyard transformation and this was featured on the show on Monday October 17th. While Tropical Pools had many of their own suppliers and they have been thanked elsewhere by them, we would like to thank the companies and people that helped us out as well. They are:


Soils Ain’t Soils Soil, stone and mulch

Landsdale Plants Plants

Lawn Doctor Sir Walter lawn

Greenway Enterprises Steel garden edging

Reece Irrigation Irrigation materials


McDevitt Kids and Justin MowattA big thank you goes to Ted as well. Ted is my Mum’s partner and an all round handy bloke. When he heard about the project from me he offered without hesitation to supply, build and deliver a bench seat for the garden.

As you can see this was truly a team effort from the heart. I feel blessed that Bobtail Landscaping was given the opportunity to help out a family in need of some good news. To Kaden and Liam, you both deserve many, many years of fun together swimming in your new pool and playing in your backyard. Enjoy!

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